Saturday, January 12, 2013

     Obscuro comix;   self-published, attempting new work that is intentionally not seeking a commercial market, and is unfettered by the concept of a market audience.  That is not to say that the artists involved have no professional interests, some of them have had commercial success, yet still do obscure comix that do not have market potential. 
      Unrestrained creative endeavor of a singular and personal nature. 
      Pioneered by the Newave era of mini-comics, yet liberated from their general themes of the classic Underground comics of the sixties and seventies.
     Obscuro comix as a phenomenon arose simultaneously across the world, before the advent of personal computers.  Most were exchanged freely or sold cheaply through the mail.  The bulk of the tens of thousands of titles were produced on photo copy machines in small print runs, and assembled by hand.    

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